The Top 30 First Father’s Day Gift Ideas For New Dads

May 04, 2021

First Father’s Day Gift For The New Dad

Lots of dads might have to wait a while before they can expect much in terms of a father’s day gift. Kids have to grow old enough to become grateful to dad, so father’s day is often left to mom to handle for the first few years of fatherhood

That’s why this list is here to recommend father’s day gifts from spouses, siblings, and grandparents for the first-time dad. Finding the perfect first father’s day gift can be a challenge, so let this guide help the process along. Regardless of dad’s interests and personality, there should be a perfect first father’s day gift for him somewhere in the list below.

1. A Dugout Mug Makes a Perfect Personalized First Father’s Day Gift for your First Time Dad

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - dugout mug

new dad who loves staying hydrated (maybe with beer) as much as the MLB would love a unique mug from Let the newest dad in the family enjoy a drink from a baseball bat with one of the site’s dugout mugs. For instance, this Arizona Diamondbacks mug comes with the team logo emblazoned on it. 

2. A Florida Gators Coffee Mug

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - florida gators coffee mug

A dad’s first year of fatherhood is probably going to be fueled by a good amount of coffee. So why not upgrade his dainty pre-fatherhood mug with one large enough to meet the demands of being a new dad. This 15 oz. Florida Gators mug will surely do the job for the new dad who likes sports too.

3. A Boston Red Sox Photo frame

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - boston red sox photo frame

A new dad will likely want to keep cherished photos by which to remember early fatherhood. And he’ll want to keep them in frames equal in beauty to those memories. This Red Sox-themed frame would be perfect for the dad who’s also a baseball fan.

4. A Wireless Gadget Charger

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - wireless gadget charger

Besides a keychain and picture frame, another important household item that would make a great new dad gift for father’s day is another charger for his phone or laptop, to leave at work or in the car, for example. That gesture would go a long way in making his life a little easier during a time he could really use it.

Dads would love the unique gift of this wireless Utah Jazz-themed phone charger in particular.  

5. A Banana Republic T-Shirt Hoodie

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - banana republic tshirt hoodie

The warm gift of a new hoodie is best given to a new dad by his wife since among the people giving him gifts, a new father’s fashion sense might be most important to her. 

Since father’s day happens during a warmer season, this T-shirt hoodie from Banana Republic  could be perfect.

6. A Personalized Baby Keepsake For The First Time Dad

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - personalized baby keepsake

If a couple is lucky enough to have a new baby on Father’s day, a nice DIY gift from the wife might be a baby footprint keepsake or something similar. Keababies provides kits for preserving baby footprints in ink or clay. And with these kits, parents can do handprints too!

7. Personalized BBQ Tools, Baseball Style

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - personalized BBQ tools baseball style

A new dad would certainly love a good barbecue to celebrate a baby’s arrival into his family. And to show her love and support for him in his new role his wife might choose to give him some customized barbecue tools for his first father’s day. For the dad who loves baseball, there’s this Silver Slugger BBQ set from Baseball BBQ, to which dad can add text.

8. A Dallas cowboys Tumbler Cup for your First Time Dad

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - dallas cowboys tumbler cup

Since he will be on the go a lot during his first few years as a dad, his wife might want to show him her gratitude by giving him a portable tumbler cup for father’s day. This Dallas Cowboys floral design tumbler from the NFL shop would be perfect for a brand new dad to bring to a game. 

9. A New Diaper Bag (For New Dad!)

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - new diaper bag

Since dad will be running around so much when he first starts out in that role, he’ll need a spacious and durable bag. This stylish duffle from eBags is going to let the best dad ever remain that way by carrying everything he needs with him - plus it can double as a diaper bag, which every first-time dad needs to keep track of!

10. Sports Streaming Subscription As A First Father’s Day Gift For Your New Dad

A new dad’s parents have the opportunity to thrill their son and welcome him to the club by giving him a subscription to NFHS network programming, which offers on-demand high school sports coverage. This programming will provide a fresh new type of television entertainment for dad, too.

11. Best Father’s Day Gift Ideas Include A T-shirt or Sports Jersey

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - tshirt or sports jersey

The NHL shop has all the necessary attire for a new dad who loves hockey. For instance, parents who want to make him feel loved on his first father’s day with a little one could give him this Gordie Howe Detroit Red Wings jersey. It will make the perfect keepsake by which dad could remember his first father’s day.

12. A sports Betting Splurge Is a Bet Among Awesome Father's Day Gifts Ideas.

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - Sports betting splurge

A fun first father’s day for a new dad who keeps pro sports close to his heart could be a sports betting opportunity. For instance, his parents could take the lead on giving him a memorable day by signing him with an account on Overall this would be a welcome gift for the first-time dad

13. For His First Father’s Day Gift Why Not A Signed MLB Baseball Keepsake

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - signed MLB baseball keepsake

A new son who is MLB-obsessed might be elated by this baseball signed by Steve Ellsworth of the Boston RedSox. Because a good way for parents to welcome their son into their elite community of child-raisers is by giving them some unique memorabilia from their favorite sports team. And a baseball makes the perfect dad gift anyway.

14. A First Time Dad Also Loves An Autographed Baseball Card Keepsake

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - autographed baseball card keepsake

A new dad who’s always loved baseball might also enjoy receiving for his first father’s day a signed baseball card from a member of his favorite MLB team. For instance, there’s this signed baseball card for Don Kessinger of the Chicago Cubs.

15. Autographed University Football Helmet Keepsake Is a Unique Father’s Day Gift He Won’t Forget

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - autographed university football helmet keepsake

If the new dad in your life is a football fan instead, there are still great memorabilia items that he is bound to love. For instance, there’s a signed helmet from Aaron Jones of the UTE Miners available on 757 Sports Collectibles. 

16. What First Time Dad Wouldn’t Want To Rest In This Arizona Cardinals Camping Chair

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - arizona cardinals camping chair

It might be fun to take dad--and even the little one--on a camping trip during his first days as a parent. And what better gift for an NFL fan than this Arizona Cardinals chair?

17. Food Is Always A Winner Among Father’s Day Gift Ideas For Any First Time Dad

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - food

One great way his parents can help their son with the meals during his first days as a father is by getting him a meal delivery subscription. A great option for this category is the Stock Yards’ Tailgate Collection package of grilling meats for the bbq. This meal is a great idea for a new dad’s father’s day since dads always build up an appetite while caring for a baby. It’s definitely an idea that will help satisfy the appetite of a new father--and good food will make any dad feel healthy and loved.

18. Wine is always fine!

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - wine

Alternatively, a young father’s parents can get a new son some nice wine to pair with what’s already in the kitchen. For instance, the Don Melchor Cabernet Sauvignon from 2018 is a highly ranked bestseller.

19. Personalized Premium Cutting Board For Grilling and BBQ

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - personalized premium cutting board

If the new dad in question is the household chef himself, why not replace that shabby plastic cutting board of his with a unique and high-quality wooden home plate cutting board from Baseball BBQ. For a dad who’s into baseball, this uniquely shaped item will turn even the kitchen into a place where respect is shown for America’s favorite pastime.

20. A Keychain Can Make A Useful Keepsake as a First Father’s Day Gift

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - keychain

A dad’s first year of fatherhood will probably be a little hectic. Although we love them, babies might create a certain level of disorder in the home. That’s why a flashy keychain for dad is recommended to keep him from losing yet another important item amongst the controlled chaos of child-rearing

An appreciative wife would thrill the sport-loving dad with a large L.A. Dodger’s keychain, for instance.

21. A Gift Card To The New Dad's Favorite Store 


fathers day gift for new dad ideas gift card from his favorite store


A gift card to a new dad's favorite store is a simple yet thoughtful choice. New dads work hard, and a gift that gives him the flexibility to get exact what he wants (or needs) just may be the nicest thing you can do for him! You can also save money by picking up the gift cards at CardCash.

22. What Dad Doesn’t Love A Nice Watch 

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - wristwatch

To help keep him on top of his busy schedule while starting out as a new dad, it might be nice for his siblings to give him a high-quality wristwatch as a keepsake for his first father’s day. Original Grain has a wide selection of watches that use premium materials like wood and stainless steel, and they can be personalized too. After all, the best dads are often the well-dressed ones.

For example, a stylish new dad would love the bestseller Chrono 44mm from Original Grain. With one of these, a new dad could tackle the day while still impressing his wife with a strong fashion statement. Because men will want to continue dressing well as they enter fatherhood, and a good way to support him in this regard is by giving him a new and stylish timepiece for his first father’s day.

23. A Gold Ring He Can Show Off!

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - gold ring

A nice piece of jewelry by which to mark your brother’s new role as a father could be a ring. And there are lots of beautiful men’s rings out there--it’s just important to know where to look. This eye-catching fourteen-carat gold and cubic zirconia ring not only makes a memorable keepsake from his first father’s day, and it also will give a new dad an opportunity to make a fashion statement.

24. A Sports Team Patch From His Favorite Team

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - sports team patch

A brother or sister of a dad who loves pro sports could charm him on his first father’s day with a stylish patch featuring the logo of his favorite team. Sewable onto a jersey or other article, this personalized fashion statement makes a perfect first father’s day gift from the siblings. 

For instance, he might appreciate this 2005 World Series Chicago White Sox patch and other pro sports teams badges. 

25. Some High-Quality Socks For Your New Dad

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - high quality socks

One clothing necessity that is easy to forget about is socks--everyone needs them, but it’s annoying to remember, especially when you’re a new dad. So one nice gesture for a brother who’s celebrating his first father’s day could be getting him some stylish and high-quality socks. 

Socks Rock is a great place to go for quality socks for dad. They have a huge selection to choose from, including their Argo athletic socks for the new dad who wants to keep playing sports well into fatherhood. And overall, quality socks are crucial to any new dad’s project of staying fashionable and presentable is maintaining a good wardrobe. 

Since a new dad can’t rely on accessories alone to keep his reputation for style, his siblings might want to support him by giving him a nice new piece of clothing for father’s day.

26. A Fashionable Banana Republic T-Shirt

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - fashionable banana republic tshirt

Since his wife has already tackled the hoodie, a great wardrobe gift for the siblings to offer any new dad for his first father’s day is a nice t-shirt. Banana Republic has a range of top-quality t-shirts in various colors and cuts. For example, a new dad might love this striped navy-and-white crew neck t-shirt from Banana Republic. With a stylish t-shirt, the new dad of the family will be able to stay cool during the father’s day season. Besides, since shirts are a clothing staple, he’ll thank you for the convenience of the gift.

27. An Autographed Hockey Puck

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - autographed hockey puck

If hockey is your brother’s sport of choice, get him a nice new puck for father’s day, or alternatively one that’s been used in a real NHL game. This puck signed by Devante Smith-Pelly was used during the Stanley Cup Finals! Let the new dad in your life channel the hockey star power of the NHL with a game-used puck. 

Sports supplies like hockey pucks will be important to new dads because they will want to keep playing their favorite sports while they embark on fatherhood. Because many new dads will simply be unwilling to give up their favorite pastime. And they’ll probably want to include the little one and mom too. So a kind brother or sister might choose to give him something that lets him remain the athlete he is.

28. A Sports Box Is The Gift That Keeps On Giving

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - sports box

A sporty dad might also love a gift box of kids’ sports supplies for a game of his choice as well, maybe to practice on a niece or nephew. Or wait a few years and his own kid will be ready to hit the ice or bat it up. For instance, this hockey box will get dad excited to tie up the skates with his son or daughter so he can introduce them to the game.

29. Beanies Are Always Awesome

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - beanies

A beanie for the baby is a must-have for any new family. And when paired with one for dad, they can make a great father’s day gift. Try this three-pack of warm and adorable baby beanies. Then the dad and baby in the family will be well on their way to being prepared for their first winter together. 

Giving a new dad baby gear like this helps ease him into the challenge of parenthood. Because baby clothing will take a shopping task off his shoulders, providing him with all he needs to bond with his new son or daughter. 

30. Diaper Bags Filled With New Baby Essentials

fathers day gift for new dad ideas - diaper bag with new baby essentials

Help cover one of the main tasks of parenting for the sibling who’s a new dad by giving him a quality diaper backpack for father’s day. There are many stylish and durable bags out there that are still designed for the task in question. For instance, a new dad would love the fashion forwardness of the original diaper backpack from KeaBabies. This bag is made of sturdy fabric material, provides a lot of room, and looks great. So if dad doesn’t have a backpack that’s up to the task of storing the items important to caring for a baby or toddler, get him one of these. 

First Father’s Day Gifts Can Make It A Day To Remember

New parents should be able to experience a unique and memorable first mother’s day and father’s day. A dad first starting out as a parent should be able to look back fondly on those early days. And for any family member who has read the above list, they should be able to find the perfect first father’s day gift easily.