2021 Father’s Day Gift Guide for Wife - 20 Great Gift Ideas

May 10, 2021

Father’s Day is coming up pretty soon, which means it’s time to start thinking about gift ideas you’d want to give to your husband. You might be thinking that there’s plenty of time until the holiday arrives, but it’s always better to be prepared beforehand so you can get the best possible gift for your husband. Otherwise you risk running late and having to get a last-minute gift that’s not as good as what you originally planned.

And we know that shopping for husbands isn’t always the easiest thing to do. With stores like Amazon and Etsy offering you hundreds of options, it’s not easy to narrow down your choices. That’s why we have a selection of the perfect Father’s Day gifts that we believe would be great for your husband for this holiday.

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1. Keep Him Caffeinated with a Coffee Mug or Tumbler

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - coffee mug or tumbler

If you’re looking for a great Father’s Day gift for the dad in your life who loves coffee, then look no further than a coffee mug.   He will especially like it if you get him a personalized coffee mug with a photo or the logo of his favorite sports team engraved on it.

You can pick out the photo yourself, or pick out one of the logos that are available. He’s going to be ecstatic about this Father’s Day gift, and any time he uses it he’ll be reminded of you. And if your husband is frequently on the go, then you can go for a tumbler that can hold his coffee while he’s out and about.

2. Another Useful and Great Father’s Day Gift - A Keychain

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - keychain

Another Father’s Day gift idea is a stylish keychain that he’ll be happy to carry around with him. There are plenty of amazing options available, but we really recommend this Tumi Alpha Tracer key from Macy’s, because it looks simple and classy at the same time. And not only that, but it also has a leather patch that you can personalize with his monogram.

And if your husband frequently misplaces his keys, this particular keychain has another reason for why it’s so great - it has a tracer on the inside. So if he ever ends up losing his keys, he’ll be able to get them back as soon as possible with that tracer.

3. The Gift For Dad That’s Always a Bestseller - A Pocket Knife 

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - pocket knife

A lot of dads love being handy around the house, but they can’t be very helpful if they don’t have any tools handy. That’s why this stainless steel pocket knife is such a perfect gift for him. He can use it to cut up anything small because this pocket knife comes equipped with a small set of scissors.

Or he can use the knife itself to open packages that arrive for him. The best thing is that it also has a key ring, which means he can attach it to his keychain and carry it with him wherever he goes. So if he ever finds himself somewhere in need of a knife, he can just reach in his pocket and grab the handy gift you gave him.

4. Best Father’s Day Gifts - T-Shirts

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - tshirts

Every dad has plenty of t-shirts already, but he can always use one more-- especially if you get him one that’s specifically designed for Father’s Day. T-Shirts are a staple piece of any dad’s wardrobe, and even if you get him one that only says “I love you” or “Best Dad Ever”, he’s going to be proud to wear it.

Whether the shirt is for outside or around the home is up to him. Just know that since most dads love dad jokes, we also recommend getting him a fun t-shirt that has a pun-based joke on it. That way, you can make him laugh, and then he’ll be able to make others laugh when they see him wearing it.

5. Full Battery No Matter The Weather With a Wireless Charger 

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - wireless charger

If your husband is someone whose phone battery is always running on low and nearly empty, then getting him a wireless phone charger should fix that problem. These days, wireless chargers are more popular than ever, with plenty of different shapes and designs. That means you can get one that will go nicely with the style of his office, or alternatively, his nightstand.

With dad constantly using his phone, it’s common for the batteries to run empty fairly often. So if you don’t want to get him a wireless charger, then we recommend getting him a power bank instead. A power bank can hold a few charges that he’ll be able to carry anywhere with him. 

6. BBQ Tools for Grilling Up a Storm

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - bbq tools for grilling up a storm

You can help your husband celebrate this great holiday by getting him a set of high-quality BBQ tools that he can use for grilling whenever he wants. These types of grilling tools are going to help the dad in your life improve his BBQ skills in no time.

With this great Father’s Day gift, the entire family can enjoy his cooking when he breaks out the grill as soon as the weather gets warm. And he can also impress all of his other dad friends at a safe, socially distanced gathering while he cooks up some delicious burgers. His perfect grilling set makes a great Father’s Day gift, because with it he’ll be ready to cook up anything and offer an amazing menu.

7. Unique Father’s Day Gifts from Gadgets - Bluetooth Speaker

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - bluetooth speaker

This is the perfect gift for the tech-loving dads out there who love getting new gadgets. The great thing about gadgets is there are hundreds of things you can choose from. Although, that might make picking out a gift a bit more difficult. That’s why we highly recommend getting him a quality Bluetooth speaker, like one from JBL.He can clip it to his keychain, and carry it around, and he can share his music with anyone.

For the dads that are already equipped with a Bluetooth speaker, there’s always the option of getting him a set of wireless headphones. But with tech-loving dads, practically any type of gadget will do. Whether that means a brand new tablet, a digital weather station, or even a high-tech alarm clock.

8. The Go-to Father’s Day Gift Ideas Include a Gift Box or a Gift Card<

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - gift box or a gift card

You can show your husband how much he means to you with a gift box that’s filled with little presents. This way, you can let him know that you really appreciate everything he does for your family. And there are plenty of gift boxes that you can choose from. There are ones that are filled with stationery sets, classic dad stuff, but we really recommend getting him a gift box filled with tasty snacks.

If you’re not sure what type of gift box you should get him, you can always go with snacks like these. 

And if the dad in your life tends to be picky, what you can do instead is get him a gift card to his favorite store.

9. The Last-Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea - Greeting Card

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - greeting card


This type of gift is typically for people who didn’t prepare and plan much for father’s day. But since you’re already reading this list it means you’re not one of those people, so rest assured. Although that doesn’t mean you can’t get the dad in your life a greeting card with a thoughtful message along with the gift you choose for him.

There are plenty of Father’s Day card options, but we really recommend getting him something that rings true to dads everywhere. And that’s jokes, which is why we recommend this themed greeting card for the funniest dad in your life.

10. Massagers: Perfect Gifts for Dads

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - massagers

Unfortunately, dads have to grow old at some point - or at least their bodies do. Their minds tend to be filled with jokes no matter their age. But if you really want to get the aging dad in your life something special, we recommend getting him a convenient handheld massager. That way, whenever he feels sore or stiff, he can pull it out and make himself feel better. 

This is one of those one-of-a-kind gifts that people would rarely consider as Father’s Day worthy, but it’s something that he’s bound to appreciate. In fact, a massager is also a great gift for any new dads in your life since they’re likely not getting as many workouts as they used to.

11. A Multi-Tool for Your Car-Junkie Hubby

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - multi tools for car


Many wives understand how important cars are to their husbands, and if there’s someone like that in your life then getting him a multi-tool, especially one that’s for cars, is going to be a treat. Multi-tools come in all shapes and sizes-- from those with hammers and screwdrivers built into a single tool to the screwdrivers with removable heads.

However, plenty of dads already have plenty of tools-- sometimes more than they need. That’s exactly why we’re recommending this multi-tool for the car instead of a regular multi-tool. With this tool, he’ll easily be able to handle any sort of car emergency that happens on the road. And the best thing is this multi tool is small enough that it won’t take up too much space, whether stored in the car or in his pocket.

12. A Fun Bottle Opener for New Dads

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - fun bottle opener


The dads who enjoy drinking a beer from a bottle every now and then will love this gift. You can always go with a classic handheld beer opener but with so many interesting styles available why not dare to venture into some more fun design categories. Bottle openers have come so far these days that you can even get one that has a bottle cap holder on it as well.

This one is great if your husband wants to keep track of all his bottle caps so he can recycle them or turn them into a DIY project later. It’s a great gift both for first-time dads and for the entire family.

13. Game of Dad Jokes

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - games of dad jokes

You can have fun with your husband with all sorts of games. From board games to puzzles, to cards, the options are limitless. However nothing will get a new dad going quite like some dad jokes, which is why Dad Joke Face-Off is the perfect Father’s Day gift for the funny dad in your life. 

With this game you can finally compete against him to see who has the better dad jokes, and maybe even win against its  ultimate opponent - a dad. You can have the best Father’s Day ever if you give him this game and play it with him.

14. Wish Him a Happy Father’s Day With a Whiskey Decanter

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - whiskey decanter

If you love hearing stories about the “good old days” from the dad in your life, then you might want to gift him a whiskey decanter. This is a really great gift if he enjoys a glass of whiskey every now and then. The set we recommend has beautiful Irish-style cuts on it. Moreover the matching glasses come with the decanter.

With this gift you can be sure that your husband is going to remember you any time he raises a glass. It’s up to him whether he decides to fill it with a classic bottle of whiskey or something from the top-shelf, but we’re certain that this gift will let him enjoy every minute of that drink.

15. A Thoughtful Gift Like No Other - Handprint Artwork

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - handprint artwork

Wall art comes in all forms these days-- from colorful prints and posters to engraved wooden pieces. However if you want to give the new dad in your life something truly meaningful, then we recommend getting him a piece of artwork featuring his new baby’s hand and footprints. With this keepsake gift he can forever treasure those first moments with his baby.

This is a gift that can be cherished throughout a new dad’s entire life because he’ll fondly remember you and your present long after his child grows up. This beautiful parenthood keepsake is a great gift for dads who want to spend some quality time with their newborns.

16. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts like a Duffle Bag

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - duffle bag

As much as dads want to spend time with their families, sometimes work gets in the way. But the best way to bring him closer to the family is by getting him a duffle bag or a toiletry bag for when he’s on the road. 

You can personalize his gift  by getting him a duffle bag that fits the rest of his style. Or you can make it even better by getting him a bag that has his favorite team’s logo on it. That way whenever he’s on the road with the bag in his hand, he can fondly remember the particular Father’s Day when you gave it to him.

17. Sports Memorabilia Gift Guide - Dads Want Signed Baseballs

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - signed sports memorabilia

There’s no such thing as a bad gift idea when it comes to sports fans who are into sports memorabilia. And the great thing about these types of gifts is the variety that you can choose from. But to make things easier, we really recommend getting him a signed baseball, especially if he’s a big baseball fan.

He can keep this gift on the mantlepiece or a shelf in his man cave, and be proud of his team’s achievements whenever he looks at it. And  not only that but he’ll also be really happy and grateful that you managed to snag him a baseball signed by his favorite baseball player.

18. A Watch as His First Father’s Day Gift

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - watch

New dads have trouble keeping up with all the things that come with caring for a newborn, so they can use all the help they can get. That’s why we think getting him a beautiful watch-- that he can wear around the house or when he goes out-- is a great first Father’s Day gift

This Walnut Khaki shade timepiece that we recommend looks great worn with loungewear as well as with more stylish, office-oriented clothes. He can even keep track of the date with it. Finally this watch comes with another great feature: the hour markers and the hands can both glow in the dark, which is especially helpful when you have a newborn that likes sleeping in darkness. With this watch a new dad will  be able to check the time without having to light up the entire room by looking at his phone.

19. A Tool Set for Dads Into DIY

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - tool set for his diy

For the DIY fathers out there, getting him a set of tools so he can work on his next DIY project is a great father’s day gift idea. And if your husband doesn’t have a hobby, you can jumpstart one for him with a tool set. It has all of the basic, necessary tools he needs to get started on a new project.

This is also a gift that’s perfect for the new dads who want to be more helpful around the house but don’t have all the necessary equipment. But thanks to you and this gift, they could do anything.

20. Bar Tools For Long Workdays

2021 fathers day gift guide for wife ideas - bar tools

There’s nothing better than making yourself a delicious beverage after a long day of work or of taking care of a brand new baby. With this set of bar tools, your husband will be able to make any type of cocktail he wants.

And this gift is even better because it comes with its own rollup packaging that he’ll be able to use to store it in.