23 Unique Father's Day Gift Ideas From Daughter (That He’ll Love)

May 12, 2021

Father’s, be they father-figures, biological fathers, or step dads,are playing a bigger role in the upbringing of their kids. With today's kids demanding emotional, mental, and financial support from Dads, the role of men has become increasingly important.

Putting a smile on your father’s face is noble. However, getting it right on gift ideas that a father may expect from a daughter, is key. Today we’re providing a list of Father's Day gifts that are perfect from a doting daughter.

Father’s day presents are quite diverse, and daughters will be spoiled with these fun gift ideas for baseball Dads. As fathers play larger roles in day-to-day childcare, there’s a higher chance that daughters will get it right with personalized Father's Day gifts.

Best Fathers Day Gift Ideas for a Baseball Dad

So, we’ve provided this Fathers Day gift guide for daughters whose fathers love baseball. Let’s help make perfect Father's Days and game days for Dads! Want to see more of our Fathers Day Collection? Check out our entire collection of Fathers day gifts!

1. Custom baseball-handle Shot Glass

unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - custom baseball handle shot glass

With this MLB team-themed shot glass, a Dad that loves baseball will have a conversation starter.

This shot glass from a baseball bat will bring back good times at your Dad’s home bar.

You may never know, the shot glass may be the spark that a baseball Dad needs to draw DIY ideas for his unused baseball bats.

2. BBQ-themed Baseball Snapbacks or Hats

unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - BBQ themed baseball snapbacks or hats

Here you'll find a perfect Father's Day gift in the form of multi-colored baseball snapbacks. The trucker-style mesh snapbacks are a perfect gift from father to daughter. 

 With cotton blend fabric and great prices, the pro-stitched hats will be a timeless gift for a baseball Dad. Thanks to the baseball BBQ embroidered logo, your Dad might rediscover his grilling powers, turning each game day into a party.

3. Half Baseball Bottle Opener

unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - half baseball bottle opener

The signature series bottle opener is the ultimate idea for your baseball-loving Dad. 

Thanks to the quality concept, the half baseball bottle opener allows your Dad to pop the top of his favorite beverage.

What’s more, the half baseball bottle opener comes signed by your father’s favorite player. And, the opener sticks to the fridge door, allowing your Dad easy access. 

Dugout Mugs also offers a range of bottle opener and baseball bat handle bottle openers that your Dad will love.

4. Let Him Hit Outta The Ballpark!

unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - baseball bat

What a feeling it is to hit one over a stadium pavilion! For dads that enjoy out-of-the-park scenes, setting them up with a straight-up baseball bat on this father’s day would be great.

That’s the main tool of the game and the weapon of choice for many baseball players.

And why not get one for that Dad-that-lives-for-game-days. Hand-signed by Corey Seager and including the inscription "2020 WS MVP", a baseball-loving Dad will enjoy the timely and thoughtful gift.

The baseball bat comes in printed with an individual number and a Fanatics Authentic’ tamper-evident hologram. With these features, your Father's Day present will be authentic.

Steinersports.com has some great gift ideas when it comes to personalized Father's Day gifts. And why not treat your Dad to this swinger on this special day. Plus, this customized bat comes imprinted with the signature of a legend in the baseball world.

5. Stainless Steel Stemless Tumbler


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - stainless steel stemless tumbler


Is your Dad a die-hard New York Yankees fan? Would you like to add a unique gift to his collection this Father's Day? 

With the matte stainless steel tumbler, your Dad will have a perfect gift that he’ll be able to use all the time. 

On game days, the New York Yankees graphic makes the container one of the few that your Dad loves to keep.

For baseball Dads, they'll have a keepsake that reminds them of their loving daughters.

Fanatics.com offers a wide variety of tumblers that will make this Father's Day a special day.

6. Customizable Grill Set


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - customizable grill set


Does your father love his Father's Day grill set? Is he a baseball fan? 

Well, this Father's Day you’ll have a one-of-a-kind gift for him. 

Built for the king of the grill, the customizable silver grill set comes as a bundle of 4 essential grilling tools to help a baseball-loving Dad deliver unseen hits on the BBQ.

To make this a funny Father's Day gift, you can engrave a timeless Dad joke that’s well known in the family. After all, a Father's Day BBQ isn't one of a kind without a few Dad jokes.

At baseballbbq.com you'll have access to a variety of  BBQ-themed gifts that can double as a Father's Day gift and/or a birthday gift for a loving Dad.

 7. Golf-Themed Fanatic Gift Box 

unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - golf themed fanatic gift box

Let’s say your father can't get enough of the Los Angeles Dodgers. And, you want to show appreciation with timeless gift ideas this Father's Day. The golf-themed fanatic gift box will do the trick.

The  LA Dodgers fanatics pack features timeless items that a loving Dad will use season after season. Thanks to the perfectly imprinted Los Angeles Dodgers graphic, that loving Dad will have an assortment of branded items to use on game days. Included in the box are branded stationery, golf balls, a coffee mug, and many more unique gifts. 

This perfect Father's Day gift exudes class and your loving Dad will have a souvenir to display on his workstation.

8. Stay Warm With This One Of A-kind Pullover Hoodies


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - one of a kind pullover hoodies


Have you wondered what a thoughtful gift for your baseball-loving Dad looks like?

Well, you need not wonder anymore, a branded world series pullover hoodie on Father's Day is all you'll need.

With the perfect Father's Day gift, your Dad will have a personalized and branded keepsake in the coming season.

For Dads with birthdays on father’s day week, the pullover hoodie will serve as a perfect birthday gift too.

Irrespective of your father’s allegiance in the baseball landscape, your needs are sorted.

Visit mlbshop.com to select your personalized Yankees Father's Day gift hoodie. 

9. Juan Marichal Autographed Baseball & Mahogany Display 


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - Juan Marichal autographed baseball and mahogany display


What a great Father's Day gift it can be for Juan Marichal fans. 

The autographed baseball from Juan Marichal placed in an antique display will have your Dad quip: that’s the best father’s day ever. 

To add, the autograph is authenticated and licensed by the MLB. And it also comes with a uniquely numbered tamper-evident hologram from Fanatics Authentic. 

To thrill your Dad with this unique gift idea, you can check the hologram’s authenticity online.

Not only will the unique Father's Day gift be something to talk about, but your Dad will also have an authentic souvenir to pass on to his grandchildren.

To get more autographed Father's Day gifts, visit steinersports.com. 

10. Feeling Competitive, Go For Franklin Sports’ MLB Pitching Machine


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - franklin sports MLB pitching machine


Thanks to this unique gadget, you'll fan your father’s fire for competition. 

Let’s say the Franklin Sports MLB Pitching Machine will make your Dad feel like it's his first fathers day gift. Being a good Father's Day gift from a daughter, this pitching machine brings hours of fun to the home. 

Go straight to the fansedge site for the best fathers day gift suggestions.

11. Let Him Stand Out With A Convertible Wheeled Backpack


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - convertible wheeled backpack


Is your loving Dad watching his favorite baseball game out of town?

This convertible wheeled backpack is a good Father's Day gift that a baseball-loving Dad can expect from a loving daughter.

The unique gift idea offers travel functionality and intuitive business organization, without sacrificing your Dad’s classiness. 

And with water-resistant fabric, this Father’s Day gift protects your father’s items against elements of nature.

With expertly designed wheel shields covering the wheels to protect the clothes when carried as a backpack, your loving Dad has nothing to worry about on his baseball trips.

Visit ebags.com to view a variety of classy bags that a baseball fan will love to have as a Father's Day gift.

12. Standout With A Simple Keychain Or Lanyard


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - simple keychain or lanyard


This keychain serves as a great father’s day gift idea from the most thoughtful daughter. Whether a new Dad or a stepDad, the unique gift will help organize his many keys.

On this special day, why not surprise your Dad with this simple lanyard

Whether he’ll be using the keychain to make a statement or just keeping track of his valuables, you can bet he’ll appreciate you as a loving daughter, each day he sees it.

At fanatics.com you'll find a variety of thoughtful gift ideas for keychains, and keyrings for that loving Dad.

13. Gift The Best Dad With Quality Cufflinks


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - quality cufflinks


With Yankees-themed fine-polished cufflinks, the loving Dad will have a lasting shine. Weighted perfectly, the baseball-branded and perfectly weighted jewelry adds a contemporary twist to the conventional cuff link

Thanks to the exquisite workmanship, this Father's Day gift from a daughter will be a conversation starter amongst baseball fans.

The officially licensed MLB product provides your loving Dad with a keepsake to celebrate game days.

Fanatics.com has some amazing options when it comes to baseball-themed cufflinks. Treat your Dad to this cufflink with his favorite team logo imprinted on it.

14. Turn Dad’s Man Cave Into A Fan Cave With A Personalized Wood Sign


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - personalized wood sign


For the Super Fan, there is no reason why a personalized 11'' x 17'' wood sign won't do the trick this Father's Day.

As a creative daughter, you can turn Dad’s “man cave” into a fan cave with this personalized gift.

Imprinted with your Dad’s name and a logo to his team, the personalized Father's Day gift goes a long way in saying “I love you Dad”.

This gift will get your father in the right mood every game day. Not to forget, it's a gift that Dad will love to show off to his friends. Mom will also be grateful that Dad doesn’t “mark his territory” in ways that mess the overall decor in her palace...or any of her Mother’s Day gifts.

Visit fanatics.com for a wide variety of personalized fan cave wood signs.

15. Get Him A Framed And Autographed Authentic Jersey!


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - framed and autographed authentic jersey


Has your Dad been a Ken Griffey Jr. fan? Or does he look forward to every Seattle Mariners Game?

Take Daddy down memory lane with this personalized gift.

The photo framed jersey comes hand-signed by Ken Griffey Jr. And, it has been obtained under the patronage of the MLB’s authentication program. 

To protect you from purchasing an inauthentic and possibly duplicated gift, this Father's Day gift idea comes with a verifiable individual number and a tamper-evident hologram from Fanatics Authentic.

Take time to visit steinersports.com. You'll be amazed by the wide variety of jerseys. Be they framed & autographed, just autographed, authentic or replica jerseys, there are simply a ton of options to choose from. 

16. Show Love For The Game With Big Logo Flip-flops


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - big logo flip flops


Does your father have an unmatched Los Angeles Dodgers spirit? Does he love the gear to show off his allegiance on any occasion?

This Father's Day, compliment his efforts with the big logo flip-flops. Every game day or on any other fun day, the boldly imprinted Big Logo flip-flops will be just what he needs when having fun.

This gift idea is a keepsake that your father will treasure for quite some time.

For more big logo flip-flops and sandals, visit fanatics.com.

17. Warm Daddy’s Feet With Baseball-themed Socks


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters -  baseball themed socks


With the classic striped baseball-themed socks, your Dad will have a perfect Father's Day gift to keep his feet warm. On game nights or during the cold season, the gift will come in handy.

Thanks to the heel-toe construction and expertly designed insulating,moisture-managing, and odor-fighting properties, your Dad will be all smiles this Father's Day. Honestly speaking, non-absorbent socks can be an embarrassment to Dads...the stink can be real!

Visit socksrock.com to create socks with a variety of color combinations.

18. Make A Statement With  Personalized MLB Patches


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - statement with personalized MLB patches


Measuring approximately 3" Wide x 2.89" Tall, the sleeve patch will be a great addition to your father’s gameday attire. The 2021 season Jackie Robinson day “42” patch will help Dad commemorate nostalgic displays on the pitch this Father's Day.

To view a variety of MLB patches, visit patchcollection.com.

19. Let Daddy Show Pride In His Team


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters -  iphone confetti design clear case


What a Father's Day gift!

With this gift idea, your Dad will show off his pride in San Diego Padres with the stunning iPhone Confetti Design Clear Case.

Thanks to the sleekly designed features, durable edges, and a rigid black plate, your Dad’s iPhone will be protected. With the bold San Diego Padres graphic, Daddy will gladly show who he’s rooting for on game days.

Your father isn't a San Diego Padres fan...don't worry. Visit this wide collection of iPhone Confetti Design Clear Cases and personalize your father’s gift. 

20. Mouth Watering Cut For The Special Day 


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - Mens Los Angeles Dodgers official replica jersey


Put a smile on your father’s face with this mouthwatering gift idea. The 21-30 day wet-aged filets provide maximum flavor and butter-like, melt-in-your-mouth tenderness.

Hand-carved from tenderloins to achieve a uniform and top-quality presentation, the USDA Prime Barrel-Cut Filet Mignon will be a delight to your father this Father's Day or on any game day.

Personalize your father’s cut with premium roasts that are hearty enough to leave your Dad and Mom stuffed.

21. Grace Your Dad’s BBQ With Cold-Water Lobster Tails

Does your father enjoy BBQ on baseball game days? Does he enjoy putting a smile on guests and family with lobster tail recipes?

The perfect gift idea will bring out your father’s BBQ superpowers.

The freshly-caught and remarkably tender lobster tails burst with appetizing and firm white meat.

Flash-frozen to guarantee exceptional taste, the succulent lobster tails are a must-have for that chef-Dad.

Paired with choice beefs or aged USDA Prime cuts, the lobster tails will turn each game day into a party

22. Father's Day With “Bottled-in-bond” Whiskey


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - bottled in bond whiskey


With this single malt that’s made from double distilled barley wine ale, this gift idea will have your father exude class this season.

Aged for 4+ years and carrying the highly coveted  Federal Government’s designation "Bottled-in-Bond”, a loving Dad will be among the few whiskey-lovers to put their hands on this extremely rare whisky.

Having the "Bottled-in-Bond” label means the whiskey has been aged for no less than four years in federally bonded warehouses under the American government’s supervision.

For daughters that also love single malt whiskey, you'll have something to share with your papa this Father's Day or on game days. You can also choose a personalized drink for Mom---though it's not Mother’s Day---at wine.com.

23. Season Inspiration With Unique Father's Day Card Sets


unique fathers day gift ideas from daughters - season inspiration with unique fathers day card sets


Is your father an avid Philadelphia Phillies fan? Does he love to flaunt his love for the team? Grab your father these team trading card sets. With bold Philadelphia Phillies graphics printed on them, no one will question where your Dad's allegiance lies.

For daughters whose fathers support other baseball teams, you can view different team trading card sets here, at fansedge.com.