20 Perfect Graduation Gift for Him

May 06, 2021

Although this past year has been long and tumultuous for many, it’s been especially difficult for the people who are graduating this year despite all their hard work. None of them are going to have the traditional graduation celebration, unfortunately. But that doesn’t mean these people don’t deserve to get keepsakes and celebrate their graduation day

If you are looking for graduation gifts for a guy graduating this year (or just graduation gifts for boys that happen to be friends) and you’re not quite sure what you should be getting him, this gift guide contains a great list of gift ideas for you. This list is filled with great graduation gift ideas that he’s certainly going to enjoy and appreciate.

1. Personalized Sports Memorabilia for the Sporty Grad 

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - personalized sports memorabilia

If the guy in your life is a big fan of sports, then getting him sports memorabilia is the perfect gift. The great thing about these types of gifts is that you can go all out and be really creative with them. Even going as far as getting a wooden coffee mug with the logo of his favorite sports team could be fun.

One option would be to get him a jersey branded with his favorite team’s logo. But sports memorabilia apparel comes in all shapes and sizes-- so you can also get him socks, pajamas, and even an apron with the team’s logo.

Or, you can go in a different direction and get him something that sports his favorite player’s signature, like a baseball, or a basketball. And if that’s not good enough you can also get him some personalized sports equipment like a baseball bat or a set of golf balls.

2. Leather Wallet for Your New Grad

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - leather wallet

There are plenty of different wallet options available these days, so what you decide to get for his graduation is up to you and his style. Perhaps you’d prefer going with a classic leather wallet like this one from Macy’s, and then adding his initials or his name on the front. 

Another great option would be to go for a wallet that has a money clip for a little extra flair. Or, if like most people he’s not that into carrying cash these days, you can opt for an RFID wallet or a simple card wallet.

3. Jackets Make For a Great Graduation Gift For Your Guy

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - jackets

Jackets are a mandatory piece of clothing no matter where you’re living. Whether the jacket you’re going to get the guy in your life is for the wintertime or the rain and those gloomy days, it’s up to you. There are some great choices available out there that look great and are affordable, such as this one from Banana Republic.

To make the jacket a bit more special, you can always get a monogram of his initials sewn to the jacket itself, which he’s bound to appreciate. This is one of those unique gifts that can be considered essential, and most people already have jackets. However if he has a very minimalistic style and prefers simple gifts that he can really use, we’d recommend getting him this.

4. Shoes - A Useful Graduation Gift For Any Boy

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - shoes

Shoes are another great graduation present that comes in a variety of choices. You can go with a comfy pair of dress shoes, for example. Most guys only have a pair of old dress shoes they’ve had lying around forever so it’s never a bad idea to get them a new pair. 

However, if he’s not the type that wears dress shoes often, you can also get him a pair of sports shoes, like these. The great thing about sports shoes is that plenty of brands have collaborations with different sports teams, so you’ve got high chances of finding a pair that reps his favorite team.

5. For The Coolest College Student - Sunglasses

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - sunglasses

Every guy has a pair of simple sunglasses somewhere in the back of their wardrobes. But if there’s a guy in your life that appreciates a good pair of sunglasses, then getting him a cool pair might be the perfect gift for him anyway. You can go with the classic Ray-Bans, or with another pair that will fit his style perfectly, such as these shades from Banana Republic.

Simply put, the sunglasses graduation gift idea is a great choice for your guy because he can proudly show them off. They’re going to fit his style and you can add a personal touch to pretty much any pair, too.  And they're a useful gift, which is just what a college or high school grad needs.

6. One of the Best Graduation Gifts is Loungewear

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - loungewear

Everyone around the world has been stuck inside for over a year now, so getting the guy in your life a cool set of loungewear is bound to make a boring day feel a little better. He can relax around his home in style while remaining comfortable at the same time. Nothing can beat the feeling of a brand new set of fancy loungewear such as this one.

You can get him a set of loungewear that fits the rest of his style, or you can go with a set that has his favorite team’s logo or colors. That way he can relax and show his support for his favorite team.

7. College Grads Everywhere Agree: Hats are Always in Style

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - hats

If the guy in your life loves wearing loungewear as much as possible throughout the day, we have a great recommendation for how he can dress up his outfits. Putting on a cool hat for a boy can add some more flair to any outfit, especially when the hat is a graphic snapback like this one.

Whether it’s a best friend who’s graduating high school or college, there’s a great selection of hats for them that can be treated like keepsakes (not just keychains!); that are perfect college graduation gifts for the new grad in your life.

8. Gift Set Full of Pairs of Socks

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - full set of pairs of socks

One of the best ways to personalize a boring outfit for a boy is with a cool pair of unique socks. You can get one pair of socks for the guy in your life, or you can go with a full gift box that includes several different colorful pairs. 

 The great thing about socks is that they come in a variety of styles and colors, which means you can find a pair that anyone will love. Whether your guy is a fan of science fiction or sports, you’re bound to find a pair featuring his favorite show, or team, like these pairs from SocksRock.

9. Graduation Day Dress Shirts

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - graduation day dress shirts

Although graphic t-shirts or hoodies are great to wear on a daily basis, every guy still needs to have at least one dress shirt in his life-- even if he rarely wears it. Dress shirts are an essential wardrobe item, so if the guy in your life needs one and if it’s his first, we recommend going with a classic button-up in white, like this one from Banana Republic.

As for the guys that already have a selection of dress shirts, you can still get him a brand new one that he'll appreciate. If he has a big collection just make sure he doesn’t have the same one already, and you’ll do great.

10. College or High School - Get a Shaving Kit Gift Set For Your Grad

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - shaving kit

The boy in your life should be shaving in style, and that means he needs to have a high-quality shaving kit. And while that does mean a high-quality razor, you can also throw in some additional blades too.

If he actually prefers growing out his beard and taking good care of it, then you can always get him a beard grooming kit instead. There are plenty of great kits you can choose from, with some including combs or brushes to tame the hairs. And there are even kits that have specialized beard products like beard oils or beard wax. These kits help even more with beard care--such as this great set at Macy’s.

11. Gift Box of Accessories, Keepsakes, or Gadgets

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - gift box of accessories, keepsake, or gadgets

Accessories for guys aren’t just bracelets or necklaces-- there’s actually a lot more to that field that you can get for your guy or best friend in a gift box. Between a set of personalized cufflinks that will have his initials engraved on them and a classic tie along with a tie clip, there are many possibilities. Even if it’s a set of cufflinks and tie clip that don’t have his initials on them, they’re still a great choice, like this pair.

If your guy doesn’t wear cufflinks and ties too often, you can always get him a high-quality belt that will last him a long time--  one that’s sturdy, will fit him well, and that goes along with his style. A new graduate is certainly going to appreciate the detail.

12. A Suit Can Make The Best Graduation Gift Idea For College Students

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - suit

Getting a high-quality suit can be a big expense for many guys, and it can also be one that they don’t really take advantage of frequently in the real world. Lots of men wear suits only for special occasions and not their day jobs. That’s why an affordable suit like this one from Macy’s might just be the perfect gift for him.

It’s something that he’s likely going to use for years because, as we mentioned, boys rarely buy suits. And every time he puts his high-quality grad gift on, he’s going to feel grateful and confident in it. There are plenty of suit styles to choose from, so this is a gift that’s best given when he tries it on in a store rather than at home..

13. College Students Agree: Pillows Make The Best Graduation Gift

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - pillows

Getting a comfortable pillow for your bed is key to getting a good night’s sleep. Without a good pillow, you’ll be tossing and turning, awake through the night while trying to find the most comfortable sleeping position. If that’s the case for the guy in your life, then it’s time for you to step in and get him a high-quality and comfortable pillow such as this one-- so he can finally get some rest.

If he already has a great sleeping pillow, you can get him a couple of decorative throw pillows. If they match the rest of your boy’s room’s décor, we’re sure he’ll appreciate the thoughtful gift.

14. For the Grad That Needs to Get Better Sleep - Bed Sheets

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - bed sheets

Graduation often also means moving cities to live in another place-- and hopefully, one that most people would be proud to live in. But the change in scenery for college graduates also requires an upgrade in essentials-- and that includes better sheets for the bed, such as these. 

Although the style and size of the sheets are up to you, make sure that the set you end up getting him is high-quality. That way they’ll last him a long time and make him look forward to going to bed.

So in case your boyfriend is in need of a bit of help in this transitional period in his life, or if he keeps forgetting to get certain items for his new home, this gift idea is very helpful. He’ll really end up appreciating every single bedding  gift he might receive from you, and he’s also going to get a lot of use out of them.

15. With Or Without a Green Thumb, There’s a Plant for Any Grad

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - plants

If you’re planning on giving a boyfriend a plant as a gift, make sure they have room for it and that there’s a good spot where it would get sunlight. Other than that, if he’s not experienced with caring for plants, you might want to go with the varieties--such as succulents-- that are easier to take care of.Those don’t require a lot of water or attention-- which makes them easy to look after.

However if you know he’s really not good with plants, yet you still want to add some greenery to his space, we’d recommend giving him a few fake plants, like this cute set. They can still liven up his room, but he won’t have to worry about watering them.

16. Key Holders Make Great College Graduation Gifts

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - key holders

Keyholders are an essential home item these days-- after the key dish craze that went out of style a few years ago. They’re useful for keeping track of everyone in the household’s keys, especially for people who tend to lose their things.

So if you’re looking to get him a key holder, we’d recommend going with one that’s magnetic instead of the one that’s just hooks. Or maybe even get him one with both, like this one. That way it won’t just be a key holder hung up on the wall-- because when it’s empty it will also look like a cool piece of wall art.

17. To DIY or Buy - Throw Blankets

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - throw blankets

Spending nights on the couch, watching TV and eating pizza as a college student can get cold sometimes. And to avoid that issue, you can gift him a throw blanket that he can use both for his bed and for his couch. If you get him a cool one that matches his overall style, it will also function as a great piece of home decor. If you are good at knitting, you may want to whip one up yourself, but if you want to avoid the hassle, there are some colorful, minimalistic choices available-- such as this one.

This is one of those unique gift ideas that are perfect for any guy (even a best friend) who’s moving into a new place after graduation. Most of the time graduation itself is already associated with moving to a different location, whether that's a new flat or a dorm room. But it also means growing up--and with growing up comes a lot more ownership as well as more responsibilities.

18. Keychains Can be a Wonderful Keepsake

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - keychains

A good keychain can carry a lot of sentimental value when it functions as a keepsake. You can put a picture of the two of you on one, or of somewhere you’ve both visited-- and whenever he looks at it he’s going to remember good times and really appreciate the unique gift. And if photos aren’t quite his style, there are plenty of leather or stainless steel keychains that can make him look even more fashionable,--keychains like this great option.

However, you also have the option of combining both options and making a stylish yet sentimental keychain. It can even double as an anniversary gift by monogramming it or adding an engraving of a special date.

19. A Watch as a Unique Gift Idea Most Guys Will Love

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - watch

One of the best graduation gifts that you can get for the guy in your life on graduation day is a classic and stylish watch. That way, whenever your college graduate goes to check the time in the real world, he’ll think of you and his graduation day. If you want you can also go the extra mile by adding an engraved quote or something memorable to the back of the watch.

It’s up to you to decide whether you want to get him a classic watch with a leather strap or one with a stainless steel one. Just make sure it matches well with the rest of his style and you’ll have scored him a perfect graduation gift. There are plenty of great choices on Original Grain Inc that look amazing.

20. One of the Best College Graduation Gifts is an Art Print

perfect graduation gift for him ideas - art print

A great grad gift for a boy or boyfriend that’s looking to decorate his space is a custom framed art print or poster that you know he’ll love. You can get him a giant poster of his favorite sports team, or even a framed picture of a place you’ve visited together. Or you can take a sillier route and get him a print of his own pet posing in a Renaissance-style photo.

You can also be even more creative and get him a scratch-off map of the country or of the entire world. That way he can scratch it off whenever he visits a brand new location like this one. Whichever you choose, he’s going to be grateful for the keepsake, and he’ll end up loving it, even if it’s a print that’s just a picture of the two of you.