20 Perfect Personalized Father's Day Gifts

May 03, 2021

The Great Outdoors Month -- which is celebrated every year in June  -- isn’t the only observance celebrated during this month. Father’s Day is another big holiday that happens in June. Fortunately for many dads, these two celebrations can easily be turned into one. Because plenty of dads are into many outdoor activities-- from camping and sports to fishing and BBQ or grilling.

Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas

With Father's Day fast approaching, now is the best time to start thinking about the best possible gift for your dad... And if you're looking for something impressive, you might want to forget about the typical Father's Day card. To help you plan we’ve created a gift guide list of unique and personalized Father’s Day gifts that are the perfect choice for any type of dad. 

And rest assured that we’ve got gift ideas on this list that are great choices for all the family members who want to give a unique Father’s Day gift and for friends of new dads, too,-- of the new dads who are celebrating Father’s Day for the first time this year.

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1. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts Like Beer or Coffee Mugs

personalized fathers day gift ideas - beer or coffee mugs

Another one for the dads that love to have a beer every now and then is a personalized pint glass that will bring a smile to his face any time he drinks a beer. There’s a great selection of personalized beer mugs you can find on Dugout Mugs which are made from wooden bats! 

And depending on your mood, you can either put something on one of their wooden wine mugs that will make him sentimental or make it silly by putting a silly selfie of the two of you on it. For the dads that aren’t big on beer, there’s always the option of a coffee mug or a travel mug, and you can also personalize those with his favorite team’s logo or custom image, like this one

2. A Personalized Bath Robe For Your New Dad

personalized fathers day gift ideas - bathrobe

This is the perfect Father’s day choice for the dads who are always trying to enjoy the shower experience and make it even more special. Getting them a personalized bath robe that either has their name, initials, or the logo of their favorite baseball team on it is a great way to show your appreciation. If nothing else, it can simply say "Best Dad Ever".

There are plenty of great bathrobes that you can choose from, but make sure you get one that’s absorbent, soft, and luxurious if dad prefers drying off in both style and comfort. 

3. Gift Idea for Fit Dads - Personalized Tumbler

personalized fathers day gift ideas - tumbler

Whether you’re a son, daughter, or dad’s wife, you probably know the dad you’re planning on giving a gift to pretty well at this point. From their likes to their dislikes, their interests, and passions. But we also know that the list of gift ideas gets smaller and smaller over the years, and you end up having to give your dad a pair of socks or a nice t-shirt. It’s good, but it can be better. 

And let’s be honest, not a lot of dads prefer drinking water. But if you want the dad in your life to be more healthy, we’d recommend getting him a tumbler with his favorite team’s logo on it. That way, not only will he be proud to carry it around wherever he’s going, but he’ll also be reminded that he needs to stay hydrated. Or perhaps he’ll personalize it himself by drinking beer out of it instead. 

4. A Personalized Whiskey Decanter is the Perfect Gift For Older Fathers and Sons To Enjoy

personalized fathers day gift ideas - whiskey decanter

Plenty of dads like drinking beer, but there’s a big group of dads who enjoy a great glass of whiskey too. Although you can always get those dads a personalized set of high-quality whiskey glasses, we decided to go in a slightly different direction, and recommend that you get him personalized whiskey decanter instead.

Since no one likes to drink watered-down whiskey, this custom gift is perfect for the whiskey lover in your life, and there's a reason why it's a bestseller here. It can make the drinking experience even better, and if he’s into sports, you can brand each stone with the name of a different baseball player.

5. A Knife Can Make the Perfect Gift to Go With His Cutting Board

personalized fathers day gift ideas - knife

We’re pretty sure there isn’t a dad out there who wouldn’t appreciate a personalized knife. It’s up to the dad whether he’ll be using it to sharpen sticks while he’s on a camping trip, or to open up Amazon boxes when his packages arrive. But we’re sure he’s going to love an awesome personalized knife in any case.

You can get the dad in your life a knife that has a custom engraving on it, or get a personalized knife case or holder that has his initials or the logo of his favorite team on it. Before going with a generic gift, you should be warned that personalized touches will mean a lot to the dad in your life. Those touches are important because they’re useful, but dad can treasure them forever too.

6. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts for Grilling BBQ For the Best Dad Ever

personalized fathers day gift ideas - BBQ utensils

Plenty of dads that are already into the great outdoors would love a full pint glass as they get into DIY bbq. So getting them a personalized Father’s Day gift for grilling could easily replace your father’s day card. They also make great keepsakes -  a set of BBQ utensils that are personalized and help him flip or skewer any fine cuts of meat and help him become a grill master.

Another thing that you can get him is a personalized knife for the dad that’s into indoor cooking and knows his way around a kitchen. If he already has that, then you can go for an apron or a cutting board that sports his favorite baseball team’s logo on the front.

7. Craft Beer Growler Set Makes For a Unique Father’s Day Gift That Adult Sons Can Enjoy with Dad

personalized fathers day gift ideas - craft beer growler set

Although this might not be a very sentimental kit, if you have a dad in your life who loves working with his hands and making things, we’re sure he’s going to appreciate a great Beer Growler Set. These sets tend to have everything the dad in your life will need tp  enjoy a beer on game day in class and style.

In fact this set can be personalized, which he’ll be sure to appreciate!

8. Desk Organizers Can Make A Perfect Gift

personalized fathers day gift ideas - desk organizer

If the dad in your life hasn’t developed his organizational skills too well, you can always get him a docking station for his bedside table or his desk. That way, he’ll be able to store his wallet, keys, phone, charger, watch, glasses, and anything else he wears or carries on a daily basis in a safe location. And he’ll always be able to find them, because they’ll be right there, on the docking station.

Not only will this make his space a bit more organized, but you can take it a step further and get the organizer personalized by having just the right number of compartments in it, making it the perfect storage space.

9. Wallets Are Great Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

personalized fathers day gift ideas - wallets

Many dads tend to use one wallet for a long period of time--practically until the thing ends up falling apart at the seams. But he won’t have to deal with that this Father’s Day if you get him a brand new, personalized wallet in his favorite color, or from his favorite brand. You can get a wallet that’s similar in style and design to the one he already uses.

Or, you can introduce him to the wonderful world of personalized leather wallets another way00 by getting him a minimalist wallet that only fits cards, or a wallet that also has a money clip so he can stay in style. 

10. Bags Also Make Great Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

personalized fathers day gift ideas - bags

Although dads love spending time with their families, sometimes travel and work can get in the way of that, and getting him a personalized bag as the best Father’s Day gift and something that will certainly make him smile. You can get him a duffel bag for when he’s away on a short trip like this one, or a backpack. Make sure it’s the perfect size for him and has all the compartments he needs.

Or if he’s someone that frequently travels long distances he might prefer a personalized piece of luggage. And if you pair that with a great backpack in the same style, that also sports his name or his favorite team’s logo, as well as a toiletry bag so he doesn’t lose his hairbrush in between all the clothes in his suitcase, then that would make it even better.

11. Personalized Car Mats To Spiff Up His Ride!

personalized fathers day gift ideas - car mats

Dads love to spiff up their car, and what better way to do so than with a set of personalized car mats? Dad can not only show off his loyalty to his favorite team…

There will also be NO QUESTION whose car he’s getting into when he hits the road or preps for a tailgating party.

12. Skip The Father’s Day Card With Accessories As Gift Ideas

personalized fathers day gift ideas - accesories

Most dads don’t really wear too many accessories, with some even deciding to forego wearing their own wedding band. Fortunately, there are other accessories that dads will gladly wear, such as these manly Best Dad stainless steel bracelet. After all, while a mug might be nice at the office, your dad deserves to have his “best dad” status where all can see it.

13. Personalized Watch and Watch Box Organizer As Your Gift Idea

personalized fathers day gift ideas - watch and watch box organizer

Giving the gift of (the) time is an ageless classic, but did you know that these days you can get almost any watch personalized with an engraved message on the back? There are some great choices available that you can get him.

 If the dad in your life has a passion for nice watches and already has a big collection of them, you can also get him a box organizer for all those timepieces. That way, he can not only keep better track of where all his watches are, but he can also proudly present them to the world. And the best part is these types of boxes can also be personalized on the glass display piece that’s on top.

14. Personalized Shaving Kit As The Perfect Gift For Your Dad

personalized fathers day gift ideas - shaving kit

This past year has made for some difficult times, but it also made for some large beards. So many dads around the country decided to forego shaving (since they weren’t going anywhere) that they now need a full grooming set as they enter the public sphere once more. So whether the dad in your life just grew out his beard, or even if he’s always had that lumberjack look and he’s looking to change, you can get him a great shaving kit this year.

15. What Father’s Day Gift Ideas List is Complete Without A Personalized Mug With His Son’s “Mug” On It?!

Time flies and everything changes - but a picture can last a lifetime. For the proud papa, there is simply no better reminder of all the reasons why Father deserves their own day than a gift that captures a precious moment. This is the perfect father-son gift for this special occasion.

Baseball bat mugs from Dugout Mugs make for the perfect unique personalized father’s day gift. Better than a photo frame, these wooden mugs will not only last a lifetime, they are also unique, durable, and you can have any image you’d like printed on them as a reminder he can carry with him everywhere.

16. Personalized Team Wall Clock So He Never Misses A Game

personalized fathers day gift ideas - team wall clock

And on the topic of fixing things around the house, every dad needs a reliable time piece to help him know when the game is about to start… or when half-time is almost over. And just imagine his smile every time he checks the time on his personalized team wall clock!

Not just a great addition for his “fan cave” - it’s also an excellent keepsake that will remind him of you every time he checks the time.

17. Personalized Father’s Day Gift Ideas Include Wall Art

personalized fathers day gift ideas - wall art

If the dad in your life is looking for some extra wall decor for his man cave, you can get really creative. It’s up to you whether to get him a giant poster or wall art of his favorite baseball team, for example. Just make sure he has enough room to put it up because he’s going to want to do so as soon as he lays his eyes on it. Even if you go with a vertical banner, dad is sure to love it.

18.  Sports Memorabilia or Sports Equipment Make For the Perfect Gift

personalized fathers day gift ideas - sports memorabilia

Plenty of dads are into sports, and that makes sports memorabilia or sports equipment the perfect gift for them. You can go with a safe choice like an autographed jersey, golf ball, or baseball from his favorite player that you can find on MLB Shop

Or, you can actually get him his own jersey so he can support his favorite team while he watches the game on TV or in a stadium, when those fully open up, of course.

19. Team Sandals Are Awesome Personalized Father’s Day Gifts

personalized fathers day gift ideas - team sandals

Whether he’s outside grilling, running the BBQ at a tailgate party, or just out drinking with his friends, he’s going to need something on his feet. With this custom gift, he’s guaranteed to have a great father’s day. These personalized sandals have a space on the side to monogram his name (or a nickname). 

While his friends might be envious of this perfect gift - unless they share a name there’s no way they can snag it without him knowing.

20. Personalized Father’s Day Gifts Are the Perfect Gift When They Include Beer

personalized fathers day gift ideas - bottle opener

Finally, you can always get him a bottle opener to open up his favorite beverage. Not only will he never lose this one, you monogram his name on it to make it one of the more unique father’s day gifts he’ll get this year.

A bottle opener can be surprising as a perfect gift, but this one with the wood grain and the magnetic bottle cap catch is both classy and useful.