19 Perfect Mother's Day Gifts for New Moms

April 22, 2021

First Mother's Day Only Happens Once!

Mother’s day is coming up fast, and it’s a big holiday that’s celebrated all around the country. Every year, mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, and this year, the big day is on May 9th. If you have any new moms in your life, it’s time to start thinking about Mother's day gift ideas. However, the best thing that most new moms definitely want for their first Mother's day is just some rest.

What’s the Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?

It doesn’t really matter if you’re going to be shopping for your sister, wife, daughter, or even a friend - we have plenty of great choices gathered that you can find at Fanatics, Macys, or from brands such as Banana Republic in this list that are going to be extremely helpful in getting you inspired or narrowing down your options. New moms can find helpful gifts very useful, but this list also has gifts that can make the holiday a lot more memorable or even a day filled with self-care. 

1. First Mother’s Day Essential - Diaper Bag

     mothers day gift for new mom ideas - diaper bag
    There are plenty of different diaper bags available that are helpful when taking the new baby outside, like to a baseball game. The days when couples could just leave their homes with only their phones, wallets, and keys are gone now, and it’s time for new moms to be prepared with the thousands of different items they’ll need during an outing. That’s why diaper bags are such a perfect gift - they come with lots of storage space and plenty of pockets, yet they're small enough that keeping them in a stroller is no problem. The great thing about modern diaper bags is that they come in a variety of styles, from backpack diaper bags to totes, to messenger diaper bags, and all of them are great because they keep the hands free and available. 

    2. The Perfect Gift Even After a Hospital Stay is Maternity Bag

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - maternity bag
    Aside from a diaper bag that’s usually filled with all kinds of stuff that are baby-related, there are maternity bags that aren’t just useful for moms preparing to deliver a baby. These bags can have plenty of items that a new mom will need while they’re out of the house, from a change of clothes in case of an accident with the baby to other essentials, and eBags has an amazing selection. 
    The maternity bag is just what new moms need when they don’t want to mess up any of their beautiful purses because these bags also have plenty of storage space. They can fit things like a water bottle, a cosmetic bag, and random knick-knacks such as hair ties, lip balm, hand cream, a foam finger, and the current essential, hand sanitizer.

    3. New Moms Should Have Comfy Shoes

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - shoes
    Whether it’s going to be shoes for going out to grab a few more things from the grocery store, or slippers for around the house, having a comfortable pair is a must. A great pair of home slippers, such as a pair from Banana Republic are a must to keep a new mom’s feet warm and comfortable while she’s walking around the home and taking care of the baby. 
    And lightweight but comfortable shoes are another essential for going outside, especially for moms that love taking their new baby along for any outing, like a local baseball game. Babies tend to get heavier to carry by the day, and having comfortable shoes while walking around outside for hours can be a lifesaver for plenty of new moms.

     4. The Baby Carrier is Another First Mother’s Day Gift Essential

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - baby carrier
    Having their hands free while doing other things like chores can be a lifesaver for plenty of new moms. Newborns tend to want a lot of attention from either one of their parents, and this is a gift that’s going to be useful for both moms and dads. Being able to both have the baby incredibly nearby so that it sleeps peacefully, while also having your hands do something other than coddle or carry the baby is great. 
    There are plenty of great baby carriers these days, but some of the best ones can be worn both in the front and in the back. The second is especially useful for any new moms that love cooking or attending baseball games, but also have to keep an eye on their child because the baby is going to be a lot safer away from the stovetop or from the snacks at the game.

    5. All New Moms Need Breastfeeding Gifts

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - breastfeeding gift

    New moms spend plenty of time breastfeeding or pumping, and getting a gift that can help with any of those two tasks can be a game-changer. There are plenty of hands-free pumps on the market that can help new moms in getting things done faster, especially for moms looking to feed their baby during a game but don’t want to miss out on a lot of gameplay, but for moms that want to take their time, there are a lot of clothing options that make breastfeeding a lot easier.

    However, with breastfeeding and pumping comes a lot of soreness, especially for new moms, and getting moisturizers or creams that can help ease that pain can be a great help.

    6. Personalized Mug With Picture Of Her Precious Angel

    Of course, what new mother wouldn’t be THRILLED to have her new child immortalized on a personalized item like these beautiful baseball bat wine glasses from Dugout Mugs! While mom might not put these to work right away, these durable mugs will pass the test of time so that even while her baby grows up, she can still reminisce when they were so tiny and adorable… with a nice glass of wine to accompany that precious memory of course!

    7. Ease The Postpartum Period With a Wireless Speaker


    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - wireless speaker

    For any tech-loving new moms, getting a wireless speaker that can do very convenient tasks can be extremely helpful. New moms can use this helpful tool to put on soft music that will help the baby and even the entire family fall asleep faster. 

    Although a wireless speaker isn’t going to be able to change the baby’s clothes or diaper, these little speakers can be placed in any room and have a helping hand in getting mothers information like the weather forecast, the latest game results, setting cooking timers, or simply add items to the grocery list.

    8. New Moms Staying Comfy in Stylish Loungewear


    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - Loungewear


    Most new mothers prefer to wear comfortable clothes after giving birth, especially around the home. Fortunately, there are plenty of great loungewear options these days and even ones that show support for their favorite baseball team. Especially since most people around the world are already spending most of their time stuck at home.

    Whether it’s going to be a pair of cheap leggings that have the always desired feature - pockets, a cute cardigan with a fun t-shirt that’s perfect for both breastfeeding and for a last-minute Zoom meeting, joggers that are comfortable yet look good enough to wear to the store, or simply a long robe that makes plenty of women feel cozy and luxurious. 

    9. Perfume Gift Guide in a Nutshell

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - perfume

    Like many other gifts relating to beauty, perfumes can be very personal, because scents easily get attached to memories. And one great way to commemorate the first Mother’s day with new moms is to get them a perfume that’s going to make them remember the great day for a long time. A great option for a baseball-loving new mom is to get them a fragrance that’s created in collaboration with their favorite team.

    If you know the exact type of scents that the new mama likes, then you’re all set, but if not, there’s always the option to get her a gift set that centers around a particular profile. She might end up liking it so much that it becomes her signature scent in the future.

    10. Satin Pillowcases for Hair Care

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - satin pillow for hair care

    Plenty of new mothers experience hair loss after having their baby, and a gift that can help with that issue is a kind gesture. But the gift doesn’t just have to be a shampoo and conditioner set, or a luxury hair mask that smells delicious. It can be a product that their favorite baseball player uses on a daily basis. 

    Getting new mothers a pair of silk or satin pillowcases that help with both hair and skin, or a silk sleep cap means their hair is going to be looking shiny, break less, and with a pillowcase, their skin is also going to look fresh. Even if they’ve been sleep-deprived for a week.

    11. A Set of Machine-Washable Pillows for Style and Comfort

     mothers day gift for new mom ideas - pillow

    Speaking of pillowcases, new moms can also get great use out of a variety of pillows as gifts. You can get the new mother in your life a personalized pillow with the family or the new baby’s name that matches the decor of the rest of the home. Or even the logo of their favorite baseball team. Another great gift idea is a pillow wedge or a full-body pillow. They’re not just useful for pregnant women after all. 

    Plenty of scientists have already stated that people aren’t sleeping the way they’re supposed to, and these types of pillows help with that. And they’re especially helpful for new moms who are already tired for the majority of the day.

    12. Staying Put Together in Pajamas is Possible

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - pajamas

    Another great Mother’s Day gift idea on the subject of sleeping is a set of comfy pajamas that will make falling asleep at night, or even during an afternoon nap, a breeze. Of course, anything that a new parent wears can quickly get dirty from all sorts of mishaps. 

    But that doesn’t mean that new mothers don’t deserve to wear some comfy and luxury pajamas with their baseball team’s logo in the back, like the ones from Fanatics. These types of gifs are a small luxury that makes the night - or day - a more pleasant experience for moms everywhere.

    13. Skincare Gift Ideas for New Moms

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - skin care

    Although new mothers are frequently expected to take care of the new baby most of the time, family members should remind mothers that they need to take care of themselves too. They can do this with skincare gifts that help with dry lips, hands, or feet, or body creams and oils that help with getting rid of stretch marks. 

    With these types of gift ideas, you can quickly make any new mother feel like a queen that deserves to pamper herself. And if you’re stuck for inspiration, getting them a product that’s been recommended by their favorite baseball player is a great choice.

    14. Relaxation Time Made Even Better With a Bath Tray

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - bath tray

    On the topic of pampering, everyone deserves an hour-long bath every once in a while, and that’s even more important for new mothers. But, there’s a way that bath time can become even better, just by adding an adjustable bath tray that can hold up snacks, personalized baseball mugs, books, a tablet to watch the game, or whatever else a new mom might need during her time to relax and recuperate. 

    There are generic bath trays that you can get as a gift from any store, or, you can get a personalized one on Etsy by adding different things like non-slip pieces, cup holders, or whatever else the new mom in your life may need during her bath time. 

    15. Camera Gift Ideas to Take Snaps of the New Baby

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - camera

    These days every smartphone comes with a camera, or two, or even three, but nothing beats the handheld digital camera that makes taking pictures during those monthly photoshoots even more special. It’s not just smartphones that have evolved over the years, digital cameras have their own set of features that are very useful too.

    And nothing can beat the smile on a new mother’s face like seeing a framed photo keepsake of the entire family that she took with her own camera. After all, phones only have so much storage - with a digital camera they can both store the photos on a computer drive, or print them out and frame them. Imagine how great she’ll feel if she gets to take a family photo with her favorite baseball player - even if it’s just a cutout.

    16. Thoughtful Gifts to Show off Her Photography Skills

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - photography gifts

    And while we’re on the topic of photography, another great option for mothers that can’t stop taking pictures of their new baby is a digital photo frame where she can showcase all her best shots. 

    Another great option for the moms that want to put the photos in a memory book or a photo album is to get them a mini photo printer that connects to their phone. There are plenty of mini printers available, and the best thing about them is how fast they get pictures in your hands. Finally, another gift idea would be to get the new mother in your life a memory book where she can store all those photos along with other mementos in journal form. If she’s not a sentimental person, she can always print out photos of her favorite baseball games.

    17. Gifting Home Decor is Always a Good Idea


    One thing about nurseries is that they’re never completely finished. As in, new mothers are never quite satisfied with the space they’ve created for their baby, which makes getting them an art print or a poster with their favorite baseball team, like the ones from Newverest a great gift idea.

    Meanwhile, for the new mothers that are always looking for that thing they just put down for a minute, we’d recommend getting them some gorgeous organizational bins that will fit nicely with the rest of the home’s decor and style. Everyone knows that becoming a new mother is a tiring business, and getting even the smallest bit of help is appreciated. Even if it’s a baseball-themed mug for their coffee from Sports Memorabilia.

    18. Last Minute Gift Idea - Candles

    mothers day gift for new mom ideas - candles

    For friends that are looking to pamper their new mom friends, a great gift idea would be to get them a present that can make their home smelling good and add some aromatherapy. Banana Republic has a good selection of candles that feature different baseball teams on the labels. And you can do that with scented candles that make any room smell delicious enough to eat. There are plenty of great scent options, and for anyone that wants to go the extra mile, there are DIY candle kits.

    These kits can make the new mother in your life spend some time with herself, and have her space smelling amazing. Putting together the wax and the essential oils can be a calming experience for many people. Throw in a rechargeable electric lighter or some fancy matches for the candle, and you’ve made your very own extra special gift set.

    19. Gourmet Desserts!

    Most new mothers are so focused on their new baby that eating healthy or even cooking can become the last thing on their minds, especially during game day. That’s why healthy snacks are such a perfect gift idea, and Macro Snacks has some great options. They can help in reminding the new mother in your life to eat and stay healthy, while not asking for too much effort to do that!