17 Funny Father's Day Gifts for Dad's With A Sense of Humor

May 03, 2021

Although the first parental holiday this year is Mother's Day, Father’s Day is another big one that happens right after. It's celebrated on the third Sunday in June, and it’s coming up fast. That means it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day gift ideas. And the ones we have for you here are perfect for the funniest dads that are the best known in the family for their humor.

This array of great gifts for dads can help anyone stuck on inspiration. 

Different Types of Funny Father's Day Gifts

Although a lot of dads tend to be naturally funny they actually appreciate different funny gifts too. Some of those dads will happily receive gag gifts from Amazon or something with a more personal touch from Etsy that will make them laugh whenever they’re using it. But other dads would much prefer getting gifts they can use with other people. Fortunately, with this article’s list of gift ideas for Father’s Day, you’ll get the best of both types of gifts.

1. Beverage Inspired Father’s Day Gifts

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - Beverage

These types of Father’s Day gifts can include mugs with funny quotes or pictures on them that will remind dad of how great and funny he is. Whether it’s a coffee mug or a campfire-style mug made of enamel, it’s bound to make a funny dad smile. Even if it only says "Best Dad", or if it has his team’s logo on it, like the ones from Dugout Mugs, especially for any new dads out there, celebrating their first father's day. 

Or they can be more creative. Try getting him classic whiskey glasses with a similar twist - such as engraved drawings of the Seven Deadly Sins, on a set of seven glasses. That way dad can enjoy the gift with friends when getting together, but everyone can also keep track of their sinful glass while mingling.

2. Funny Father’s Day Gifts in the Form of Personal Items

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - novelty bottle opener

The dads that decided to grow their beards this past year could certainly get plenty of use out of some comical personal grooming items such as a bib that’s large enough to contain all that extra hair while keeping the mess off the floor. Or perhaps a “punny” shirt that says “Best Farter Ever” - since the typo works both ways.

 On the other hand, the best father's day gift for a beer-loving dad would be a novelty bottle opener. With one of those dad will have a blast opening beers on game day. Finally, there’s always the option of getting the dad in your life a timer for the toilet as a nifty gadget, if they like taking their time in the bathroom. Or even some poo pourri used on the bowl before using the bowl.

3. Food Gift Ideas

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - food gift

The hilarious father that appreciates a good glass of scotch will certainly appreciate receiving alcohol-themed gifts, which is precisely why the scotch-infused toothpicks were invented. This wooden gift is infused with the flavor of a fine single malt scotch and makes an amusing and unique gift.

As for the dads that would love to get a bouquet for once in their lives, since bouquets are generally reserved for women, a doughnut bouquet, or any other type of great food turned into a salami bouquet will not only make them happy but fill their stomach at the same time, especially for a big baseball game. This is the perfect gift for any dad with a good sense of humor.

4. Dad Loves Snacks

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - gourmet snack box

Speaking of filling up a dad’s stomach, another great Father’s day gift idea would simply be a selection of snacks. For example that can be in the style of a single snack box filled with some of their favorite things to munch on throughout the day. Or for the more adventurous ones perhaps a gourmet snack box which will provide new things to snack on.

Meanwhile, for the dads that prefer a sweet over a savory snack, we’d recommend getting them a brownie pan to make brownies that are entirely made of edge pieces, as they’re always the better choice. As an added bonus, you can always bake up a pan of edge brownies and surprise them during the holiday or before a big baseball game.

5. Hilarious Home Decor Father’s Day Gifts

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - hilarious home decor

There are some great artists on Etsy that would be more than happy to create a hilarious portrait of the dad in your life. These portraits range from personalized Renaissance-style royal ones to custom pet portraits that dads will love. Even if dad isn’t a big art connoisseur he’ll certainly appreciate the wit and attention to detail of a portrait. If that’s not his style you can get him a scratch-off MLB poster from Newverest.

Another comedic option would be to get dad a custom prayer candle with his face on it-- as a reminder of how great his skills are when it comes to fixing something that’s broken. Or, for the dads that are big fans of certain TV shows or movies, a great choice would be a giant poster that’s inspired by their favorite piece of entertainment.

6. Board Game Gifts for Dads

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - board game

The standard choice here would be a board game such as beeropoly, which is a perfect Father’s Day gift for the beer-loving dads that also love a good board game. There are also baseball board games available on Fanatics. Another fun option would be to get him party games that don’t require a lot of thought, which are fun for everyone that gets to play them, no matter their background knowledge.

Then, for the dads that are looking to pass the time and have a bit of fun, but don’t just want to be outside or sit in front of the TV, there’s the option of cornhole boards that can be personalized or customized.

7. Best Father’s Day Gifts for Keeping Up With Youngsters Slang

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - slang flashcards

Although plenty of dads are online these days, some of them still aren’t able to keep up with the current youth culture. And they can use all the hilarious help they can get with understanding their kids’ slang. There are a couple of different ways to go about this gift, and it largely depends on the dad’s preference for reading. 

If he’s someone who likes flashcards, those can be used in a game, then there’s a selection of slang flashcards that’s useful for keeping up with teenagers. Otherwise, for a dad that appreciates learning in a slightly different environment, there are plenty of books available that can explain the difference between taking an L or a W, for instance, so he can talk to the youngsters about baseball.

8. Great Gifts Inspired by Beverages

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - coats for cold beers

For the dads that are big fans of both baseball and beer, they’d likely love to get some coats for their cold beers. There are plenty of fun tiny puffer jackets that he can put on a can of beer, and for passionate baseball fans, they can even be personalized with dad’s favorite team logo. 

A different yet equally entertaining option would be to get dad funny drink coasters or coasters that have the names of different MLB team members printed on them. Instead of using regular and boring coasters, you can get a set of fun ones that also act as a great conversation starter.

9. Funny Father’s Day Cards 

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - greeting cards

Wives of funny dads can give them gifts that can go both ways - the gift itself can be funny, or the idea behind the gift can be amusing. Either way, there are plenty of choices that can get a laugh out of any type of funny dad. And one of them is a Father’s Day card.

Plenty of stores have fun Father’s Day greeting cards with puns on them saying anything from “You did a grape job” to “Olive you” to any other hilarious wordplay variations. As for dads that are into baseball, you can always find some baseball-themed are bound to get a chuckle.

10. Dad Jokes on Apparel

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - dad jokes on apparel

Similar yet a bit different from the last idea is this one, which is all about puns and funny jokes on shirts or on any other piece of clothing that dads enjoy wearing. There are plenty of great options available, from t-shirts that state “Yoda best dad ever” for Star Wars fans, to “Dad Joke Loading” shirts that you can get from Macy’s

If the dad in your life already has plenty of these types of shirts because he’s made an entire collection throughout the years, then perhaps getting him a funny apron will do the trick. If he’s someone that loves grilling meat to eat in front of the TV before a baseball game, then he’s going to appreciate an apron with a funny saying or his favorite team’s logo on the front. 

11. Gag Gifts for New Dads

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - gag gifts

There are some great joke gifts that you can give to the dad in your life if you’re looking to prank him and make him laugh for the holiday. For example\ the dads that are looking for a laugh as soon as they wake up in the morning would enjoy a toilet-shaped coffee mug.  

On the other hand, you can always get him a silly prank box gift, such as the classic choice of going with a ridiculous package that hides a completely different gift inside. There are plenty of great joke gift boxes, and you can even prank your dad into thinking that you’re taking him to an MLB game while you’re only giving him a branded baseball mug.

12. Skip the T-Shirt Gift and Go With Socks

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - socks that feature his favorite baseball team

Although socks tend to be something that dads get on their own, there’s always the option of daughters getting their dads a pair of funny socks. There are some great options like pizza socks that come in a box that resembles a pizza delivery box, or socks that feature his favorite baseball team.

If he already has plenty of socks, then getting him lost socks hanging sign, for all the pairs that are missing their sole mates. This is a gift that’s both funny, as well as useful, and it really hits the sweet spot. And it's a gift for dads that can’t seem to find the other sock from their favorite pair.

13. Funny Dads Need All The Books They Can Get

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - funny cocktail book

Reading might not be every dad’s favorite thing to do, but with a wide selection of books out there, there’s something for everyone. And since each relationship is different, and it’s up to you to decide whether you’ll be going with a comedic choice or something that’s more useful but still gets a smile out of your funny dad.

You can go with a funny cocktail book that’s inspired by some of his favorite classic novels, a book filled with dad jokes that he can use at a moment’s notice, or a book filled with fun little facts that others might not know. He’d be happy to share everything he’ll end up learning from these books.

And for dads that are big baseball fans, there’s also the option of getting him the MLB Ultimate Book of Records, a yearbook, or any other baseball commemorative book that you can find. In case you’re the one that’s the big baseball fan in the family, and you want to get your dad into baseball, you can get him the official Baseball Rules Book so he can learn more about the game itself.

14. Best Father’s Day Gifts for Funny Family Evenings - Card Games

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - card games

Dads that are into card games-- especially funny card games-- can certainly appreciate receiving a pack of the bestseller Cards Against Humanity. For dads that already have the card game, the company also has plenty of different card packs-- even a dad pack that has cards about fatherhood. There are other fun card games, such as card games with quizzes that the entire family can play in teams to test their knowledge. 

For dads that are big baseball fans and are into card games, you can also get them baseball-themed card games like these ones at Macy’s. With these card games, your dad can become a manager, owner, and slugger in the MLB, all at the same time. And there are also booster packs of cards available to add even more players to the game.

15. Other Gag Gifts, Amusing Knickknacks, and DIY Presents

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - bobblehead figure

It doesn’t really matter if the dad in your life is known for his great dad jokes or if he really appreciates a good joke. Plenty of dads love cracking jokes that most family members find cringe-worthy in the beginning. That’s until they warm up to them and realize how joyful dads really are. 

One big item that plenty of dads have loved over the years is a mascot that doubles as a wireless Bluetooth speaker. You can connect it to your dad’s smartphone and he can make even more jokes while still listening to the game on his phone. Another option would be an alarm clock with a design  theme from his favorite old-timer arcade game, like Pac Man.

For the dads that aren’t too into technology and prefer using paper journals, schedules, and lists, you can get them a thematic journal that’s filled with jokes or with facts about baseball. If you’re looking for a really cool gift that will bring a smile to his face, you can get him a bobblehead figure of his favorite baseball player that he can keep on his desk or even on his bedside table.

16. BBQ Gift Ideas

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - camping grill

Now, for the dads that love to get outside, fire up the grill, and make a delicious meal for the entire family, there are plenty of BBQ-themed gifts you can choose from. There’s the classic option to get him a camping grill that’s small enough to take on trips but has enough room to store everything he needs. 

Another great choice would be to get him some barbecue-themed utensils, such as a golf club set. For those dads that want to go all out when barbecuing before a big baseball game, getting him an apron with the logo of the Major League, or with the logo of his favorite team is another great choice. And for the dads that love cooking up something quickly but aren’t into BBQ, you can always go with a breakfast sandwich maker.

17. Dad Jokes Gifts for the Best Dads

funny fathers day gift ideas with sense of humor - dad jokes

Everyone knows that dads love dad jokes -hence the name of the joke genre. These jokes can be corny, but you grow to appreciate their humor eventually, and one day you might end up making some dad jokes yourself. So you have the choice of getting your dad a book of terrible dad jokes that will embarrass everyone (but him) during a family gathering. 

If that’s not your style, you can get him a towel that has usage instructions printed on it, so he’ll know which side of the towel to use for which body part. You can also go with a custom souvenir baseball bat or even a set of baseball-shaped glasses.