Ways To Make Your Mondays Suck Less!

November 08, 2021

Ways To Make Your Mondays Suck Less!

Mondays SUCK! Here's 5 guaranteed ways to make today suck less:

1. HYDRATE! So many times we forget to drink water, and it leaves us feeling sluggish. Make sure you're getting the water your body needs to function at its best! Metal Dugout Mugs make great travel mugs, and if you're moving around, you definitely need to be hydrating!


2. DE-HYDRATE! Lol! Sometimes, you need something a little stronger than water to take the edge off. A bottle of wine can do just that! Our Wined Ups are perfect for all kinds of wine, champagne, sangria, martinis, and they make the cutest gifts. So, if there's a wine-loving baseball fan in your life, make sure you grab them a Wined Up!

3. There's nothing quite like an ice-cold beer after a hard day's work! While there's no baseball to watch tonight, you can still put your feet up and watch a football, basketball, or hockey game... Or, do what we do, hop on YouTube and watch highlights of baseball until Spring Training starts up again!

If you're missing watching baseball, there's no better way to feel closer to the game than by SWIGGIN' for the fences with Dugout Mugs. Check out our "Gifts Under $30" collection - because a great gift doesn't have to break the bank!


4. Maybe you need something stronger than wine or beer. Every cocktail is a perfect fit in our Shortstop Mugs! Whether you need a tequila & soda, bourbon & coke, or a vodka cranberry, the 9oz Shortstop mug won't fail you!

5. The BEST way to make your Monday suck less, is however you'd like! Whether it's watching a baseball game with loved ones, pouring a cold drink, working out, or just getting a good night sleep, we hope you wake up feeling refreshed tomorrow after a hard Monday!

Since you made it to the bottom of our list, you can use code MONDAY before midnight tonight to get 30% at DugoutMugs.com!

Cheers, and keep SWIGGIN' for the fences!