Winner Winner Chicken-man Dinner!

October 03, 2023

Winner Winner Chicken-man Dinner!

After another huge "sSgnature September Giveaway" the results are in… We did the live drawing last night live on Facebook and other social channels.

SEE THE LIVE VIDEO HERE (there are some surprise discounts we did that are still live, so go find them!)

The results are below, so congratulations to our winners and don't forget to keep your eyes peeled throughout the holiday season for fun releases, flash sales, and more giveaways!

Name + last 4 numbers of PH# and the prize:

Nathan - x5396
Kyle Tucker autographed card

C.L. - x3139
Rob Manfred autographed ball

Drew - x3077
Justin Turner autographed card

Ryan - x8128
Gary Sheffield autographed ROOKIE card

NO NAME - x6883
Whit Merrifield autographed card

NO NAME - x6299
Kyle Tucker autographed card

NO NAME - x9014
Pete Alonso autographed Dugout Mug

Marissa - x6112
5​ pack of autographed card​s

Jamison - x0317
Justin Turner  autographed card

Christian - 4022
Justin Turner autographed card

Joe - x5209
Wade Boggs autographed card

Daniel - x4543
Wade Boggs autographed NYY mug

Brian - x0021
Michael Brantley autographed ball

Michael - x9550
Mariano Rivera autographed HOF ball

James - x7646
Nick Swisher 5​ pack of autographed card​s

David - x9091
5​ pack of autographed card​s

Brandy - x3473
Johnny Damon autographed ball

Lou - x8481
David Evans autographed Sandlot Mug

Dayle - x9554
Wade Boggs autographed card

Dana - x9878
Wade Boggs autographed card

NO NAME - x3369
Kyle Tucker autographed card

John - x5269
Kyle Tucker autographed WS Dugout Mug

NO NAME - x0265
Paul O’Neil autographed Dugout Mug

Kathy - x1073
Tino Martinez autographed card

Derek - x9428
Patch autographed Padres card

Darlene - x3208
Rod Carew autographed card

James - x7292
Pudge Rodriguez autographed card

Mark - x6837
David Wells autographed ball