Raise a Barrel with us to FIVE YEARS of Dugout Mugs!

June 23, 2021

Raise a Barrel with us to FIVE YEARS of Dugout Mugs!

On this day in 2016, we sold our first Dugout Mug!

It’s so CRAZY to see how our President Randall Thompson’s idea and sketches have grown through the years. That idea has become a company with dozens of employees, an expanded product line that keeps growing, and amazing partnerships while being featured in ballparks and stores across the country.

In the past five years, we've had the opportunity to work with iconic brands like Budweiser, share our story across dozens of media outlets including Huffington Post, and Forbes

Our amazing bat mugs have become fixtures in the community, and in baseball clubhouses across America. Legends of the sport, including Pete Rose, David Ortiz, Mariano Rivera, Pudge Rodriguez, and the Sandlot's David Mickey Evans have become regulars in the Dugout.

The immense growth of our company couldn't have been possible without YOU!

Because of your generosity, we've also been able to give back as well and continue to pay it forward. Through our Cheers To Charity initiative, we've raised over FIFTY THOUSAND dollars to celebrate and serve the heroes of the baseball community.

Thank you all for the support through these last five years!

Here’s to five more!

If y’all would like to give us a birthday present, head over to our website and grab a new Dugout Mug or whatever you want! 

Check out the evolution of the original Dugout Mug and our products over the last five years and some of our favorite photos of our Founder and President Randall Thompson and CEO and Partner Kris Dehnert. 

Dugout Mugs Rendering

Randall Thompson 2

Dugout Mug Prototype

Randall Thompson

Randall Thompson

Dugout Mugs Over The Years

Dugout Mugs Products

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