Ex-Pro Baseball Player Rents Field Of Dreams For Bachelor Party

October 31, 2018

Ex-Pro Baseball Player Rents Field Of Dreams For Bachelor Party

When we think of a bachelor party - we don't necessarily think of corn fields, fly balls, and batting practice.

Just as when a person thinks about drinking a beer - they didn't used to think about drinking that beer from the barrel of a baseball bat - until Dugout Mugs came along.

We are intrigued when someone does something different.

For Tim Flattery, his bachelor party was exactly that - different. Tim, 13 of his friends, his 3 brothers and his dad decided they were going to celebrate his future marriage by renting the Field Of Dreams (yes, the baseball field from the movie).

Their objective - play catch, drink beer, and have his dad hit them fly balls and ground balls.

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Video of Tim Flattery's dad, Dave Flattery, hitting fly balls at the Field Of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa:

A majority of Tim's friends are ex-baseball-teammates that love the game of baseball. He figured it would be the best way to get them back around the game of baseball and share old stories. Tim also wanted to include his dad into the bachelor party because of the impact he has had on his life and his journey in baseball.

"We brought our own sound system, brought all of our beer, made fun of each other, and played a game we all love playing. It was a success." -Tim Flattery

baseball bachelor party

Photo above: Tim and his crew outside "The Lodge" - which is about five corn fields away from the Field of Dreams. They spent two nights at this 8 bedroom lodge sharing old stories and sipping on beer and whiskey. 

Dugout Mugs® believes that the people that make up the game of baseball are the best people to walk this planet. Tim and his baseball loving crew prove that belief to be correct. This story has inspired us to make our Field Of Dreams Dugout Mug our mug of the month. 

Cheers to Tim - we wish him and his future wife a lifetime of happiness!