Dugout Mugs Unveils New Executive Series

May 21, 2021

Dugout Mugs Unveils New Executive Series

“No way, let me see that.”

That’s the response Dugout Mugs Founder Randall Thompson is expecting people to have when they see the new Executive Series.

Sleek, stylish, and perfect for the baseball lover in your life, it’s the classic 12oz. Dugout Mug, stained in black, and laser engraved with your favorite MLB team.

In 2016, Dugout Mugs Founder Randall Thompson had thoughts and aspirations of doing a variety of colors within their product offerings like staining or painting mugs in different colors.

“Having offerings that replicate the colors of a bat, or colors of team seemed like something a consumer would see value in,” he explained.

However, Thompson and co-founder Kris Dehnert didn’t want to have those offerings at the expense of being able to do things at scale and at high speed, so the idea to make Dugout Mugs in different colors went on the back burner.

That was until 2020 with the cherry-stained Dugout Mugs and now with their black-stained Dugout Mugs in the Executive Series.

“Nearly 5 years later, here we are with a great fan base and, we are blessed to be able to do these smaller runs with unique colors, and drop them to our audience,” he said.

As for what the future holds, Thompson isn’t divulging his cards just yet.

“No specific teasers, just stay tuned and stay part of our email list,” he said. “We are truly the innovators in the baseball hard goods/gifting space and we are going to continue to come out with products that are must-haves.”

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