Cheers To Charity: American Gold Star Mothers Inc.

September 09, 2021

Cheers To Charity: American Gold Star Mothers Inc.

Dugout Mugs is proud to announce that American Gold Star Mothers Inc. is our September Cheers To Charity recipient. We are also excited to collaborate on a special Soldier's Cross Dugout Mug which honors our fallen servicemen and women.

"We're venturing a little bit further outside of the baseball community because there are some things that transcend the game, they are bigger than the game," CEO and Partner Kris Dehnert said. "In my mind, this is one of those things."

Dehnert went onto add that he and the company have the utmost respect for the military and not just the servicemen and women, but their families as well, who serve and sacrifice along with them.

"Though I've never served myself, I have always done what I can to support their effort," he noted. "With that said, it was an absolute no-brainer to honor Gold Star Mothers/Families this month (and every month for that matter) which is why we are going to let this campaign run year-round."

American Gold Star Mothers Inc. is a private nonprofit organization of American mothers who have lost sons or daughters while serving in the United States Armed Forces. Their mission is to keep the memories of their loved ones alive by working to help veterans, those currently serving in the military, their families, and their respective communities.

"We never want any members," said National President Jo Ann Maitland. "Moms and their families who come to us have obviously gone through the worst thing that can ever happen to a mom, but we welcome you into this organization. "We appreciate people like Dugout Mugs who are bringing attention to us so that we can spread the word and comfort those moms and families who are out there in this time, especially now."

In addition to our initial donation of $1,000, we have partnered with American Gold Star Mothers Inc. to create these limited edition Soldier's Cross Dugout Mugs to honor our fallen heroes. The Soldier's Cross is a universal symbol that is used on the battlefield for a fallen soldier.

"Over the past five years, we have created a number of commemorative collectibles, and I can't think of one single design that is more honorable than this Soldier's Battlefield Cross Dugout Mug," Dehnert said. "To honor a fallen soldier is the ultimate sign of respect and we now have the chance to do this for the families that fight every day to keep their memory alive. We are SO BLESSED to have that opportunity!"

These Soldiers Cross Dugout Mugs can be personalized with the rank and name of a fallen soldiering can be purchased at 100% of the proceeds are being donated to American Gold Star Mothers Inc. to help them continue their mission of providing support to the families of fallen soldiers.

"We were really blessed to serve a number of Gold Star Mothers during COVID with grants," Maitland noted. "We were able to reach out to our community and ask what they needed and to please come to us. Things from electric bills to groceries, to maybe a rent payment. Gold Star Mothers are in a unique position because if they lost their only child or their main supporter of their family, they don't have any way to continue and thus they are struggling."

"We make $0 on this," Dehnert added. "This is simply an effort for us to give back. We've been extremely blessed to be supported by our community, the baseball community. Their organization celebrates and serves the military community. It's a common thread."

Dugout Mugs is honored to work with American Gold Star Mothers as we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

"We are an American-based company, with American-based workers, selling an American product that honors America's pastime," Dehnert said. "How can we not be grateful for those who have provided us with the opportunity to do what we love every day? It would be arrogant and short-sighted if we did, and that is something we wouldn't stand for!"

Check out our complete interview with American Gold Star Mothers Inc. National President Jo Ann Maitland and Board Member Annette Kirk