And the winner is...

July 30, 2021

If you're reading this, you texted us to enter to win 2 tickets to see your favorite MLB team play live!

We are giving EVERYONE a few prizes before we announce the grand prize winner.

First, you can get a Knob Shot shot glass for FREE! Usually they're $29, but we're just asking you to cover $8.95 for shipping and handling. Click here to claim your first prize!


Next, you can be one of the FIRST PEOPLE in the world to pre-order a Metal Dugout Mug at 40% OFF! Click here to claim your second prize before we increase our introductory price!

If you're new to the Dugout, we've been making mugs, shot glasses, wine glasses, and bottle openers out of wood baseball bats for 5 years! But this year, we worked tirelessly to create something just as incredible. We used old school aluminum bats as inspiration, and created these 20oz Metal Dugout Mugs, with your favorite team's logo on them, and we're so happy with how they turned out. Pre-sale is ending soon, so make sure you grab one for yourself, and maybe one for a gift (they're ONLY $29.99), so you can have the coolest mug out of anyone you know!

Look at how amazing they are!

We even took one to the All-Star game this year to give fans in Denver a sneak peek at what we were working on!

Okay, I'm sorry we got distracted, we just LOVE our Metal Dugout Mugs and we want EVERY baseball fan to have one before my boss makes me raise the price!

Finally, our GRAND PRIZE WINNER was the 5,595th person to enter our giveaway, and we chose them but using the random number generator pictured below.


And the WINNER is Teddy D., who will be enjoying a Red Sox game in Boston later this season!

Thank you to all who entered! Make sure you follow us on all social media to stay up to date with our latest giveaways.

And don't be the only one to miss out on the amazing offers we created for you! Every baseball fan deserves to SWIG for the fences!